Contact information and Fee for service

Please call me at 917-725-0884 to discuss fees. Cash or checks are acceptable forms of payment.

I accept Medicare Insurance. If you do not have a secondary insurance, you will be responsible for the co-pay based on Medicare established rate.
Your therapy sessions might be covered in full or in part by other insurance companies. Contact your insurance provider (usually there is a different phone number for behavioral / mental health on the back of your insurance card) and ask about your mental health benefits.
These are the details that you will need to discuss with your health insurance company:
-   Do I have any deductible, what it is and has it been met for this year?
-   What is my plan coverage for an out-of-network mental health provider?
-   What is the coverage amount per therapy sessions and how many sessions are covered?

Inna Danieli, LCSW           Tel: 917-725-0884        email: